Annetarsia “In the Round” Intarsia Knitting Design – The Next Steps!

Anne Berk

Friday PM

Working intarsia in a tube, with no visible seam, allows knitters to paint pictures on their knitting without stranding to create a single layer fabric. For those who have played with the basic Annetarsia technique, and would now like to use it for design, and and to use with charted patterns, this class explores how to use ITR to full potential. We will cover how to calculate the yardage needed for each yarn supply, and how to design easy-to-knit intarsia charts, as well as honing your ITR technique.

Skill level: Basic intarsia skills, ability to knit and purl, and knit in the round. Familiarity with Annetarsia “in-the-round” (ITR) strongly recommended.

Material Fee: $0

ITR next steps-Willamette sock

Student Supplies: Assorted colors of 100% worsted weight wool yarn. Total yardage needed is about 150 yds (75 grams) to complete a project bag. 16” circular needle, Size 7- 9US (appropriate size for yarn). Yarn needle and scissors. Optional: Books, magazines or patterns with intarsia designs that interest you, photographs or drawings you want to discuss as possible intarsia projects. Metal board and magnets charts, and/or post-it notes, to monitor place on chart.

Homework: Using any method, cast on 64 sts with one color onto a 16”circ needles. Being careful not to twist sts, join to work in the round. Work in k1, p1 ribbing for 1”, then knit one round.