Argyle Socks

Anne Berk

Thursday All Day

Argyle socks are associated with the Scottish culture since 1500, but they took America by storm post-WWII. Popularity waxes and wanes, but this traditional patterning never has completely gone away. Modern yarns and knitting needles are taking the argyle into the 21st century, and this is a great used for those Mini-skeins you are accumulating! Argyles are also an ideal medium for practicing intarsia technique, and have a universal and timeless appeal. This class focuses on the traditional knitting method of knitting intarsia, which is worked flat during all intarsia portions. Have you ever knit a sock flat, before? It’s fun!

Skill level: Knit, purl, and follow charted designs. Experience with the intarsia technique will be helpful, but not required.

Material Fee: $0

Argyle socks1

Student Supplies:

Yarn: Smooth sock yarns. I recommend solid colors with as much contrast between colors as possible and of equal weight. It is easier to see your joins and the development of the pattern if there is a big contrast of color at the join. So choose a light color to be next to a dark color, etc.

Knitting needles: dpn’s, straights and/or circular needles in sizes appropriate for your yarn. You will be knitting both flat and circularly, so straight needles are highly recommended.

Notions: sharp tapestry needles for weaving in ends, scissors, post-it notes for following charts


Homework Piece #1
Using yarn that you will use as Main Color for your argyle practice sock,
Ribbed border: Cast on 34 sts. Work K1, P1 ribbing for about 1 “.

Homework Piece #2
Note: This piece will be used only to demonstrate the unique construction when knitting a sock flat. There will be no argyle pattern in this piece. Therefore, if you find it easier to use larger yarn and needles, feel free to choose that option for this knitting. You will just end up with a larger practice sock.
Ribbed border: Cast on 34 sts. Work K1, P1 ribbing (Flat, not joined to work in the round) for about 1 “.
Sock Body
Knit in stockinette for 30 rows.
Row 30 (RS): Place the first 9 sts on a holder. Knit the center 16 sts (the instep sts) , and place the last 9 sts on another holder. Continue to work the center instep sts in stockinette for 15 rows. Place the center sts on a holder. (45 total rows)