Blending and spinning Short Exotic Fibers

Sarah Anderson

Sunday All Day

The world of spinning is deep and wide and the range of fibers available to us has expanded to include material that we could only imagine a few years ago. Many exotic fibers are slippery and have very short staple so are often spun in blends. This class will be a day of exploring short fibers that are both exotic (possum, cashmere, camel, yak, dehaired angora, silks) and not-so-exotic (cotton, fine wools). You'll get your hands on an array of luscious fibers and will design your own custom fiber blends. You will learn blending and drafting techniques that make spinning short fibers a pleasure.

Skill Level: Intermediate - Students should be well acquainted with their wheel or spindles and be comfortable with drafting and plying fine yarns.

Material fee: $45 Lots of exotic fibers


Student Supplies: Spinning wheel in working condition, lazy kate and 3 bobbins. (If you have a choice between wheels, you may find a wheel with scotch tension or double drive easier to use than a bobbin lead tension for these fine fibers) If you're accomplished with and accustomed to a spindle, that would also be fine to use in class (support spindles are most appropriate for these yarns), cotton hand cards and flick carder (bring if you have them - teacher will have extra cards and flickers for those who don't) lap cloth, a sharp scissors, note taking materials and tags to mark samples.

Homework: None