Block Party

Sarah Peasley

Thursday PM

How do you wash your handknit garments? How confident are you in your blocking skills?

Class begins with a basic tutorial on different types of fiber.

Options will be presented for laundering and blocking your handknit items. Information provided covers an array of tools and techniques including soaps, blocking pins and wires, and an interpretation of those cryptic laundry symbols.

Finally, you will participate in a hands-on demonstration that will open your eyes to the importance of blocking as part of the whole garment-making (or whatever-making) process.

Skill Level: Any

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies:

For homework: 50 gm smooth, worsted-weight (#4) yarn US 7 (4.5mm) circular or straight needles, or size appropriate for the yarn chosen

For class: Absorbent hand towel or dish towel T-pins Small bowl or leftover container (for soaking two small swatches) Something to pin swatches onto (corrugated cardboard, for example)


Swatch #1:  Cast on 24 stitches. Next row: *K2, p2; repeat from * to end. Repeat last row until piece measures approximately 3". Bind off loosely in pattern. Cut yarn.

Swatch #2: Cast on 16 stitches. Next row: K1, *yo, p2tog, k1; repeat from * to end of row. Repeat last row until piece measures approximately 3". Bind off. Cut yarn.

Swatch #3: Same as Swatch #2.