Build a Better Fabric: Perfect Your Knitting

Patty Lyons

Sunday AM

We know how to knit, but do we know how to build a perfect fabric? There’s always room for improvement! Does your knitting “row out” (your purl stitch looser than your knit stitch), are you looking for a better way to control your gauge? What about alternative ways to tension your yarn when working with stiff yarn or slippery yarn? We’ll explore ways to improve your knitting technique by looking at the most important fundamentals, like the job of the left needle tip and the right needle shaft, stitch sizing, and even the correct exit path of your stitch. We will explore edge stitches, cast on and bind offs and a huge array of knitting tip. The last part of the class will be open for all knitting questions (that you have put in the “bag of why”), so come with your questions and let’s explore our knitting.

Skill level: Easy. Must know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, know simple increase and decreases. Recognize the knit and purl stitch and be able to work them in a pattern without supervision.

Material Fee: $0


Student Supplies:
Worsted-weight yarn, smooth, light colored.

Needle – US size 8 (5 mm) and 9 (5.5 mm) needles (whichever your yarn choice requires). OPTIONAL to experiment with purl gauge: bring needles 2–3 sizes smaller and larger.

Homework:  Cast on 24 stitches, work 2 inches in plain stockinette (NO GARTER EDGE, just stockinette), enough to get a sense of your knitting style. Do not bind off, we will be working this swatch.