Cabled Yarns: A Spinner’s Study in Twist

Kate Larson

Thursday All Day

Looking for stronger sock yarns or light-weight longwool skeins? A classic cabled yarn is simple: take two 2-ply yarns and ply them together. This endlessly adaptable recipe creates a range of yarns that balance durability, elasticity, and loft. However, much of the success of handspun cables depends upon our use of twist and understanding of fiber character. Join Kate as she discusses easy strategies for managing and measuring twist, staying consistent, and the many options cables offer.

Skill Level: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn.

Material fee: $20 Spinning fibers, handouts, and recordkeeping materials.

Larson_Cable 1

Student Supplies: Several spindles or a spinning wheel in good working condition, several bobbins, a lazy kate, and spinning accessories you typically use. (Spindlers: bring a lazy kate or gear for your preferred plying method.)

Homework: None