Color And Texture in Spinning

Sarah Anderson

Thursday All Day

Fiber people generally love color and texture and as spinners, we have the distinct advantage of being able to create our own versions of virtually any color/texture combination we can envision. This day of blending and spinning will involve hand carding to make blends that inspire you. It will also include some drum carding, gradations, optical blending, textures and whatever else we come up with in our time together. Questions and experimenting are encouraged so come and together we’ll laugh, eat chocolate and make beautiful yarn!

Skill Level: Students should be comfortable with their wheel or spindles and able to spin a continuous singles (successfully get a thread onto the bobbin).

Material fee: $28


Student Supplies: Wool hand cards, lap cloth, spinning wheel in working order or spindles if you prefer, scissors, note taking materials and labels for samples.
Optional - Chocolate (always a good idea) and anything else you think you may need
or want.

Homework: None