Designing for Tapestry

Michael Jennrich

Saturday AM

After learning and mastering every technique required to weave Tapestry, having warped our loom and chosen a color palette of yarn, we sit in front of the dressed loom and then...what do we weave? From where does inspiration come? How is it transformed into images to which tapestry techniques can be applied? This class will explore the many ways a tapestry artist can tap into the creative within themselves and overcome "weavers' block."

Skill Level:
Beginner. No Prerequisites.

Material fee:
$15.00 for art supplies


Student Supplies:
#2 lead pencil, 12" ruler, scissors, 8 1/2 X 11 art journal, photographs from your life (these can be on your mobile phone), magazines you won't mind cutting images from

Homework: None