Dyeing with Lichens

Judith MacKenzie

Saturday PM

Lichens are one of the most ancient life forms on our planet. Abundant in the Pacific Northwest, they have been used as a food, as medicine, as fiber and as a dye source for over ten thousand years. Come learn about this wonderful life form, learn to identify them, responsibly collect them and use them as dyes. In this class, we’ll learn how to do a hot water bath, an archil bath and how to use them in conjunction with other nature dyes to produce a wide range of colors. You’ll dye enough yarn to make a pair of warm and colorful handwarmers to keep your fingers warm and toasty as you walk through the woods with a new appreciation of these wonderful plants.

Skill level: All

Material Fee: $20


Student Supplies: Old clothes you don't mind getting dye on.

Homework: None