Janis Thompson

Friday PM

Using Natural Dye elements like leaves, blossoms, sticks, mushrooms, lichen, ferns, cochineal bugs, logwood, madder sticks, weld leaves, onion skins, berries...etc. We will PRINT directly on silk fabric using Carrier/Blanket Methods for crisp lines. Each student leaves with a beautiful silk scarf & a bit of fabric. Students may also want to bring a bag of leaves or plant materials.from their yard or garden…start putting them in the freezer for class. I have written a book on this subject!
Bundle, Steam, Print!!! Eco-Print & Botanicals Recipe Book: Due out May 15, 2019

Skill Level: No previous experience necessary.

Material Fee: $15

Silk Scarf & Plant Material
Includes all dyes & mordants supplies
used in class + comprehensive hand-out.

Student Supplies: Students may bring leaves or plant materials if they want to.

Homework: None