Feast: Mixed Media Yarn

Janis Thompson

Sunday AM

Never heard of it…Well you won’t be forgetting it anytime soon! It’s like a party! Build a spinnable feast from everything but the kitchen sink, this ART YARN extravaganza is best when done in color teams. On a big table we will tease out
layer after layer of wool, mohair, silk, rovings, ribbons, yarn, angelina, curly bits and more….then scoop it up, take it to the wheel and using our biggest and slowest whorl..make a HEAVENLY BIG mixed media yarn. Plied with fine thread.
This incredibly dynamic yarn will probably change your life as a hand spinner.

Skill Level:Advanced Beginner. Must understand their wheel & be capable of spinning & plying a basic 2-ply

Material Fee: $15 Includes all fibers used in class.  A huge variety of Wool, Silk, Yarns & fabric. Plying threads too!


Student Supplies: Working spinning wheel, bobbins for plying.

Homework: None