History & Use of the Distaff

Stephenie Gaustad

Saturday PM

This storied tool has a vibrant past yet deserves attention from contemporary spinners. Familiar distaves hold raw fiber like flax to keep it arranged, however there are many that hold carded rolags and sliver to keep those always "ready to hand". The distaff is the elemental, third hand for the modern production-minded spinner.

Instructor will supply distaves and a few hand carders for use in class.

Skill level: All levels of skill welcome, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Students must have some familiarity with using hand spindles or spinning wheel.

Material Fee: $10 Fees include handouts in 8 1/2 by 11 inch format, spinning fibers, ribbons/binders


Student Supplies: Students must bring spinning device, wheel or spindle, a distaff or "staves" they would like to see dressed and used. Hand carders are suggested but optional.

Homework: None