Hook Hocus-Pocus

JC Briar

Friday PM

Maybe you’ve used a crochet hook to bind off, or to pick up a dropped stitch. But have you used one to join pieces together? To cast on provisionally? Or to stabilize an edge and provide a place from which to pick up stitches? Learn all of these techniques, plus embellishment, decorative edgings, and more.

Skill Level: basic knitting experience; no crochet experience

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies: smooth, light colored, worsted-weight yarn in two or more colors; needles of a size appropriate for your yarn; crochet hook roughly US size G (4 mm)

Homework: Using yarn of a single color, make three swatches as follows: Cast on 20 sts. Knit in stockinette for 4" (10 cm). Do not bind off. Cut yarn, leaving a 24" (60 cm) tail.