Intarsia Motif Design and Insertion into Knitting Patterns

Anne Berk

Sunday AM

Adding an intarsia motif to a pattern is a special way to personalize a knitted item. Considerations include size and placement of a motif, and creating a chart that is fun to knit. The work you do in developing and swatching a motif will ensure confidence that the final result will be exactly as you expect. Learn how to turn an idea, drawing or photo into a knittable chart. Copyright issues, practical tips and tricks of design, and creation of knitting charts will be covered.

Skill level: knit, purl, cast on, bind off.

Material Fee: $0

anneberk.intarsiamotif design

Student Supplies: Small scissors suitable for cutting paper, calculator (phone app is fine), measuring tape, pins. Bring a garment/project on which to plan a motif. Small items are suggested: a sock, child or baby-sized t-shirt or sweater. Knitting needles to match project gauge, and 2-3 colors of yarn similar weight and fiber to yarn used in project.

Homework: None