Invisible Stranding & Armenian Knitting

Janine Bajus

Saturday AM

Want to use large, isolated motifs in your design but hate intarsia? Want to use long floats in your stranded design but hate the color peek-through when you trap the float? Invisible stranding and Armenian knitting offer different ways to approach stranded knitting design when you want to do something non-traditional. There are many situations when you might want to have these alternative—and very different—techniques in your stranded knitting toolkit!

Skill level: Some experience in stranded knitting and reading charts.

Material Fee: $3


Student Supplies: 2 balls of smooth worsted-weight wool yarn, one much darker than the other (it is important that these be the same yarn brand)—for example, Cascade 220 or the equivalent; appropriately sized 24-32” circular needles to make a firm fabric (size depends on your yarn and knitting style); markers.

Homework: None