Is Tapestry Weaving for Me?

Rebecca Mezoff


Have you ever wanted to try tapestry weaving but weren’t sure you were really going to like it and didn’t want to buy new equipment until you were sure? In this two-day class we will explore all your questions about tapestry weaving. On the first day we’ll dive into beginning techniques making a sampler on simple frame looms. As we weave we’ll discuss your questions about tapestry weaving as a practice, how it differs from other forms of weaving, what looms work for tapestry, warp and weft yarns to consider, and all the other questions you will think of once we start talking. I’ll show you some examples of tapestries and talk about how to use this medium for creative expression. On the second day you can continue practicing techniques in your sampler or weave a small tapestry.

Skill level: Beginning

Material fee: $20; includes extensive handouts, weft yarn, small amounts of warp


Student Supplies: A tapestry loom: simple pegged looms such as the Easel Weaver or Lilli Loom by Schacht are good choices. If you have a pipe loom or a Mirrix, those are fantastic. Contact Rebecca ( for details on warping more complicated looms ahead of time.** Also bring standard weaving supplies like scissors, tapestry needle, tapestry fork.

Homework: If you have a loom that takes longer to warp such as a Mirrix, please warp it ahead of time, 8 epi, 5-8 inches wide. Double the edge selvedge. Recommended tapestry warp is 12/6 cotton seine twine. Simple looms can be warped in class.