Light and Shadow: Hand carding Tints, Tones and Shades

Jillian Moreno

Sunday PM

Tints, tones and shades are stealth colors. Often overlooked in favor of their bright cousins, they fill out the color wheel with their ethereal lights earthy mid-tones and smoky darks.
In this class we will work hand carding solid colors with black, white and grey to make spectacular tints, tones and shades.

These in-between colors are the secret to bringing color combinations to life. They are the difference between a flat one-note colorway and one that dip and soars. Tints, tones and shades are the core of what makes ombre and tonal colorways.

In this class you’ll make custom colors and colorways, by adding neutrals to transform plain colors.
You’ll learn how to quickly and simply keep track of your blends with enough detail to easily repeat them.
Finally we’lll spin our carded colors to see how the colors change and bloom when they are spun.

Skill Level: Students should be able to spin a continuous yarn, and feel comfortable making a 2-ply yarn.

Material fee: $20

Moreno Tint Tone Shade

Student Supplies: A wheel in good working order, hand cards, at least three bobbins, a lazy kate, a niddy noddy, tags to mark samples and pen and paper to take notes

Homework: None