Color And Tapestry

Rebecca Mezoff

Sunday All Day

Let’s play with color. In this class we’ll explore weft bundling and gradation techniques to mix color in tapestry weaving. Rebecca will supply a range of yarn colors in weaversbazaar 18/2 fine wool and we’ll practicing using optical mixing and tapestry techniques to make different effects in tapestry weaving. We’ll discuss a little bit of color theory and talk about the most important color theory concepts to remember when choosing yarns for tapestry. The weaving can be simple if you want it to be, but you should know the basics of tapestry weaving, come with a warped loom, and be able to make basic shapes.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner to Advanced

Material fee: $15; includes handout, weft yarn, incidentals


Student Supplies: A tapestry loom, standard tapestry weaving supplies and tools including scissors, tapestry needle, tapestry fork, bobbins if you use them. Please contact Rebecca at with questions about skill level or looms for this class.

Homework: Please warp your loom at 8 or 10 epi, 5-8 inches wide. Recommended tapestry warp is 12/6 or 12/9 cotton seine twine but you may use whatever you’re used to.