Moebius and the Mysterious Stitch Mirror

Sivia Harding

Saturday All Day

Moebius knitting is endlessly fascinating! I have been entranced by the possibilities of this knitted form for many years now. In this class, I share the magic of designing for this half-twisted, one-edged shape that truly has no inside or outside. We learn what stitches best interact with the structure, in which, amazingly, patterns appear to be mirror-image and reversed on either side of the cast on round. Which stitches will produce symmetry? There are some guidelines, but also ways to bend the rules and produce stitch patterns, not all symmetrical, that are interesting and beautiful. As we begin the iconic Harmonia's Rings cowl, I guarantee that students will have many “aha” moments as we see the stitch patterns develop in amazing and sometimes unpredictable ways. Many other Moebius garments, including sweaters, will be shown as inspiration.

Skill Level: Basic knitting and purling, basic increasing and decreasing, experience knitting in the round on a circular needle, an open mind and a ready imagination!

Material fee: $7 color handouts


Student Supplies: US 8/5 mm circular needle, 47" long, Worsted weight yarn to give approx. gauge of 16 sts/4", 450-600 yds depending on the desired length of cowl, Stitch markers in 2 colors, If beads are used(optional), bring steel crochet hook, size 14 (0.75 mm) and approximately 25 size 3 seed beads or equivalent to fit on worsted weight yarn


Watch Cat Bordhi’s YouTube video to watch the steps the Moebius Cast On. You can view it here:
Please don't feel that you must learn the cast on from the video. Some people find it easy to do this type of thing and some people do not. We will go over the steps in detail in class, and I have a slightly different way of explaining it than Cat does in her video. I guarantee that you will learn it!! I have never failed yet and I have been teaching the Moebius cast on for several years.