Pick, Flick, Card, and Comb; Working with Wool

Devin Helmen

Saturday AM

Sampling and experimentation with fiber helps you plan the finished yarn that you wish to create. In this class we will discuss the different ways of preparing fleece and the basics behind sampling hand fiber preparations for spinning; picking, flicking, carding, and combing. You will learn one way to use a flicker, hand cards, and combs. This is a wide and generous topic with as many variations as there are spinners and teachers. I will be covering how I prepare fiber for spinning and how I sample the various preparations

Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Material Fee: $10 Washed fleece of various kinds of wool i.e. longwool and medium and fine.


Student Supplies: If you have fiber preparation tools please bring them, I will have hand cards, a flicker, and combs to use as well. Please bring a spinning wheel or spindle for sampling the various fiber preparations.

Homework: None