Saturday – Banquet and Keynote with Jennifer Williams



We are honored and delighted to welcome fiber artist Jennifer Williams all the way from Orland Florida as keynote speaker at the Saturday night banquet.  The banquet will be a sit down dinner, and tickets for the banquet including the talk can be bought at the time of registration for $75.

Jennifer Williams is a passionate weaver and educator. From embroidery, crochet, kumihimo, quilting, and many other fiber crafts, she has been enamored with fiber arts since childhood. Her fiber journey led her to weaving in 2007, where she found her true creative calling.

She strives to stay current in weaving innovations as well as immersed in its history and has spent many years studying and exploring band weaving techniques practiced around the world. She combines this multidisciplinary knowledge in innovative ways, incorporating an array of fiber arts and other handcrafts to illuminate and hopefully to inspire people to utilize inkle band weaving in innovative ways. She is committed to passing on fiber arts and seeks any opportunity to teach weaving skills to others, in formal and informal settings. Jennifer has been known to weave on airplanes and in waiting rooms to entice someone to ask, “What are you doing.”

Her band weaving projects have been published in Handwoven Magazine’s Easy Weaving with Little Looms and on her blog In 2021, Jennifer embarked on a yearlong daily practice of band weaving. Her @DailyBandPractice project explored the design possibilities of horizontal stripe pick-up techniques on an inkle loom. Inspired to commit time every day, even if for only 15 minutes to her weaving practice, she wove one motif a day. The result was 12 different inkle bands, 365 unique motifs, and a happy creative spirit.


The banquet will be held in the Venice Ballroom.  Doors will open at 6:30pm.


Dinner entrees include salad, roasted red potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, variety of breads, freshly brewed regular and decaffeinated coffee and assorted herbal teas.

Choice of three entrées yet to be determined:

Fish, Gluten Free, or Vegetarian