Secrets of Spindle Spinning

Devin Helmen

Friday PM

Spindles have a reputation for being slow and low productivity, but really they are great production tools, particularly if you learn a few particular spindle spinning skills.. In this class we will walk through techniques to ramp up your spindle spinning speed and efficiency and make spinning anytime, anywhere second nature. We’ll cover how to wind a secure cop, plying tips, fiber management, and ways to make sure your spindle travels safely. You’ll learn and practice the biggest trick to adding yardage to your spindle, how to get moving with your spindle – spinning while walking.

Skill level: Students should be comfortable spinning with a spindle.

Material Fee: $5 Spinning fiber and materials for making a simple wrist distaff will be provided.

Secrets of spindle

Student Supplies: Please bring your favorite suspended spindle or spindles (High Whorl, Low Whorl, Cross-Arm etc.)

Homework: None