Shaped Shoulder in the Round

Janine Bajus

Friday PM

Making a sweater fit and flatter requires that we pay special attention to the shoulders. Well-fitted sweaters have a slope built into the shoulders, but this technique has always been a challenge for stranded knitters: how can we knit a slope without knitting back in color pattern? In this class you will knit a small sample of my shaped shoulder in the round technique, which avoids purling in pattern. This technique can be used with any published pattern. We will also determine the optimal slope for your body by pinning a t-shirt to fit and discuss how to translate this information to your pattern.

Skill level: Experience in stranded knitting, reading charts, and knitting in the round.

Material Fee: $3


Student Supplies: 2 balls of smooth worsted-weight wool yarn, one much darker than the other (it is important that these be the same yarn brand)—for example, Cascade 220 or the equivalent; appropriately sized 16” circular needles to make a firm fabric (size depends on your yarn and knitting style); markers; tapestry needle; a t-shirt that fits you very loosely; safety pins.

Homework: Download homework pdf. Shoulders Homework