Shaped Tapestry: Zati Mask Weaving

Shaped Tapestry: Zati Mask Weaving

Michael Jennrich

Saturday PM

Shaped tapestries, also referred to as non-rectangular tapestries, use weaving structures that manipulate the warp and weft into three-dimensional forms. In 1989, Susan Barrett Merrill used these techniques to create the Zati Mask. This class will explore the meaning of Zati, and weave a mask that, in Merrill's words, " manifests a concrete form of some part of yourself that would like to speak to you." This particular example of shaped tapestry, while potentially delving into the depths of the weaver's creative psyche, is also just plain fun.

Skill Level:
Knowlege of basic tapestry techniques required.

Material fee:
$15.00 for warp, weft, and handouts


Student Supplies:
Come to class with one of these looms: the Mirrix Big Sister, the Zati Journey Loom, or a simple frame loom 16"w X 27"h. Cloth beams and shed devices are not needed, but the loom must have a weaving width of at least 12" and expandable to 27" high. You will also need a tapestry fork, scissors, a shed stick, and a yarn needle or tapestry bobbin.

Homework: None