Skeletons, Schematics and Misfits

Catherine Lowe

Sunday All Day

Have you ever wished that you could anticipate exactly how a garment will fit and hang before you cast on for the swatch? Have you ever made a fabric mock-up of the design in an attempt to anticipate its outcome? This class will give you the analytical skills and practical tools to avoid the disappointments and misfits.
Every handknit design establishes a critical relationship between the knitted fabric, the design of the garment and the body of the wearer. We’ll look at each of these elements individually and how they relate to the others. We’ll consider questions of garment shape, line, ease and decoration; texture, hand, pattern and gauge of the knitted fabric; how a garment sits on the body, where its construction lines fall and how it will move with the wearer.
First, we’ll establish a set of principles for the relationship between knitted fabric, garment and body. Then, using the homework exercises, you’ll translate these general principles into a set of personal design guidelines and create a unique design skeleton that will allow you to assess any design you are contemplating based the pattern schematics and your preferences for garment shape and fit.
This class is ideal for knitters who would welcome a more considered approach to pattern selection and for designers in search of parameters for thoughtful design. Please note that there is no knitting in this class.

Skill Level: Intermediate Knitter

Material fee: None

Ferrara Back

Student Supplies: Your responses to the first exercise (see homework). Keep these handy. They will help focus your thinking as we discuss various design elements
during the class.
Your measurements from the second exercise.
Graph paper: 4, 8 or 10 squares per inch
Straight edge
Calculator (or phone app)
The pattern for one sweater (pullover or cardigan) that you are considering for your next project or for a project in the near future