Special effects in tapestry weaving: Transparency

Rebecca Mezoff

Sunday All Day

Creating transparencies in tapestry weaving involves a little sleight of hand. We’ll talk about ways to create this effect through tapestry techniques and yarn color and value. We’ll play with ideas about color including how to mix colors in a weft bundle to make two shapes look like they are overlapping. We’ll talk about how to create the illusion of one object being transparent and experiment with techniques to make that happen.

Skill Level: You must know basic tapestry techniques such as meet and separate and how to make simple shapes. The weaving in the class will not be difficult, but we won’t have time to review basic tapestry techniques.

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies: Students should bring small amounts of a wide variety of yarn colors preferably in the yarn you are accustomed to working with. Some good tapestry yarns for this class are: weaversbazaar fine or medium, Gist Yarn’s Array, Faro, EPiC, or Appleton Crewel. You'll want a selection of hues that also includes neutrals and grays. This class works best if the yarns are thin enough to use 3 or more strands in a bundle.

Please bring a color wheel. A standard 12-color wheel is preferred but any wheel will work.

Homework: Come to class with a warped tapestry loom, 4-8 inches wide, at 8 epi (or sett appropriate to the yarn you're bringing). Cotton seine twine warp, 12/6 or 12/9, is recommended. Bring all your tapestry weaving tools.