spin possible – mission objective: lace

spinpossible – mission objective: lace

Michael Kelson

Sunday AM

Estonian. Shetland. Orenburg. Huck. Leno. Swedish. Atwater-Bronson.

We knitters and weavers are surrounded by lace!

Would you like to use your handspun with your next lace knitting or weaving project? With lace yarns, one size does not fit all. Lace can be tightly spun worsted, softly spun woolen, or anywhere in between, but with a little experimentation and thoughtfully choosing your fiber and preparation, it’s possible to spin the perfect lace yarn for your next project!

This class will explore techniques for successfully spinning lace yarns. We will discuss what makes a good lace yarn, basic wheel adjustments, techniques for diameter control and spinning consistent singles, evaluating the twist in your singles, and techniques for plying and finishing.

We will also discuss spinning lace yarns from luxury fibers like cashmere and yak and practice with a variety of different fibers and preparations.

Skills you will learn:
- Identifying properties that make a good lace yarn
- How micron count, staple length, crimp structure, and fiber preparation might influence your spinning choices
- How to spin with more consistent diameter and singles twist
- Plying choices for worsted and woolen spun lace yarns
- How to get good lace yarn from fine short-stapled fibers (e.g., camelids)

Skill level:
Successful students will have a good working relationship with their spinning wheels, be able to spin a consistent single, and have some experience plying and finishing yarn.

Material Fee:
$15 – instructor will provide all fibers for class.


Student Supplies:
A spinning wheel in good working condition with extra bobbins, notebook, lazy kate (if you have one). Bring any tools you might like to use (hand cards, mini-combs) and any fiber you would like to practice with.

Homework: None