Sturdy Spinning – breeds and techniques for making a hardwearing yarn

Devin Helmen

Friday All Day

Explore the downs/meat sheep with an emphasis on techniques for making yarn that will hold up to wear such as for socks and mittens. We’ll work with washed fleece and prepared fiber.

Skill level:

Please be comfortable spinning a singles and plying, and familiar with the basics of fiber preparation

Material Fee:

10$ which will cover fiber used in class.

Sturdy Spinning

Student Supplies:

Spinning wheel and 4 bobbins plus lazy kate, for plying or a spindle and comfort plying on spindles. Fiber preparation tools such as handcards or combs are useful,  I will have limited supplies of these to share. Please note: if you bring an e-spinner please make sure to bring a fully charged battery and a table or stool for your wheel, most venues do not have extra chairs to use for your wheel and easily accessible outlets for all spinners. It is your responsibility to make sure you can use your e-spinner comfortably.

Homework: None