The Finishing Series

Anne Hanson

Sunday All Day

The Finishing Series provides the knitter with discussion and demonstration of various tools and techniques for finishing projects with polished, professional results; focus is on finishing seamed garments. The series is comprised of three segments focusing on the following areas:
Blocking: for knitted garments/accessories and preparing garment pieces for final construction, including blocking, sizing and care of hand-knit fabric and fibers.
Joining: covers myriad aspects of seaming, grafting, and finished openings, as well as planning the right methods for individual projects.
Embellishments: discusses add-ons such as buttonholes and bands, buttons, pockets, and edgings for knitted garments as well as picking up stitches.

Skill Level: Intermediate knitting skills required, including knowledge of common knitting terminology, ease in using tools and handling fabric.

Material fee: None


Student Supplies: Current finishing projects or swatches (see list below under homework), blocking tools (see list below), tapestry needles, a variety of knitting needles to practice techniques, 100 yards of practice yarn, spare project yarn if using actual project pieces for class, and pattern documentation/schematic for project if applicable.
Students are also encouraged to bring the tools listed below if it is convenient, to do hands-on blocking and work in small groups. However, there is no need to purchase tools just for the class.
Towels (1-2 large, 2-3 hand size), iron, pins, blocking squares or board, ruler, spray bottle. Access to water needed for blocking; portable tubs/large bowls work well if a sink is not available. Instructor will provide one set of tools for demonstration use.

Homework: Finishing projects may include sweater pieces, mitts, scarf, socks, or cowl to block and seam in class; please bring pattern schematic for sweater projects. No need to block in advance; the more variety, the better.
Participants should prepare:
4 swatches that are 3-4 inches square, worked in stockinette stitch without borders (any weight yarn is fine) in order to practice seaming techniques and applied borders.
4 swatches that are 21 sts wide by 1 inch deep, with live sts on a holder to practice shoulder seams and 3-needle bind off.