The Wow! Factor

Catherine Lowe

Friday All Day

Techniques and tips that will take the look of your handknits from ordinary to extraordinary and change the way you
think about knitting. For well over a century, dressmakers have had access to a body of techniques and a method of fabrication that allow them to create garments of uncommon refinement, detail and craftsmanship. Catherine’s couture method for handknitting proposes a similar option for knitters.

This workshop introduces the fundamental techniques of couture knitting, examines them in depth, and offers hands-on practice that will take you well down the path to mastering them. With a strong focus on the philosophy and method of couture knitting, this workshop will consider the place of these techniques within this context, as well as explore their adaptability to any project. These techniques for fabrication and construction will serve as a springboard for your own creative re-thinking of your knitting and put a WOW! in all of your knitting projects.

Skill Level: Intermediate Knitter

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies:

A (used for the swatches): approximately 120 yds of a light colored wool with crisp stitch definition that knits to the gauge noted below for yarns A and B. A heavy sport or light dk weight yarn should produce the required gauge. Please have approximately 30 yds of this yarn available to use during the class.
B (to be used in the class): 20–25 yds of the same yarn as A, but in a color that contrasts with yarn A. This yarn should not be so dark that it is difficult to read the stitches.
C (to be used in the class): 20–25 yds of a wool in a color and hand comparable to yarn B that knits at the gauge noted for yarn C. A fingering weight wool should produce the required gauge.
D (to be used in the class): 5 yds of a fine gauge yarn with a crisp hand in a color and luster that contrasts sharply with yarns A and B. This yarn will be used as a waste yarn and will be removed from the piece once it is finished.

Gauge needle: whatever size needle is needed to obtain the gauge noted below for yarns A and B. For most knitters this will be a 6 or 5 US / 4 mm or 3.75 mm needle.
1, 2, 3 and 4 sizes smaller than the gauge needle.
1 size larger than the gauge needle.
The size needed to obtain the gauge for yarn C, if this size is not already included in those listed above.
1 size smaller and 1 size larger than needed to obtain gauge for yarn C, if these sizes are not already included in those listed above.
0 US / 2.0 mm: 1 circular at least 24” long or 2 double point needles at least 10” long.
PLEASE NOTE: circular needles 24” or longer are recommended for the techniques you will be learning.
If you are more comfortable working with straight needles, multiple long double points may be substituted for the circulars. If you do not have access to all the needles listed above, bring what you have. Please do not purchase needles for this class unless you anticipate using them in the future.

crochet hook: C / 2.5 mm or D / 3.0 mm

Homework: Please download and complete swatch homework before class.