Troubleshooting common problems in tapestry

Rebecca Mezoff

Saturday AM

Rebecca will take you on a tour of common mistakes she has seen during her career of teaching thousands of students in workshops and online. You’ll learn how to fix mistakes like two wefts in the same shed, floats, and broken warps. We’ll talk about how to fix weft tension issues such as tapestries with edges that bulge out or pull in, both while weaving and when the piece comes off the loom. Rebecca will touch on things like what to do when you realize you’ve woven a large area of the wrong color, the issue of ridging including why it happens and how to fix it, and we’ll look at some tapestries that have these problems as we learn to troubleshoot. We will not weave in this workshop. Rebecca will show slides and bring examples of problems and how to avoid or fix them.

Skill Level: No experience strictly necessary, but this class is created for people who have experience weaving tapestry and want help fixing common problems. It is an excellent class for beginning to intermediate tapestry weavers.

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies: We will not do any weaving in this class so you don’t need weaving materials. Bring a notebook for notes.

Homework: Please bring any woven examples you might have of tapestry weaving problems. I’d love to use some class examples so everyone can learn to evaluate problems and learn to troubleshoot when they go back home.