Wild Silks

Judith MacKenzie

Friday PM

Red, gold, bronze, silver – silk comes in many natural colors other than the exquisite white of perfect cultivated silk. It has different textures, too. In this class we’ll look at some of these rare silks that are not domesticated and spin Muga, Eri, Red Eri, and several wild tussahs. We’ll also look at variety of different types of silk preparations that are available to handspinners and spin wild cocoons, carrier rods and hankies. We’ll learn a bit about the culture of silk around the world and see some beautiful samples of silk cloth from a variety of silks.

Skill level: Students should be able to spin a continuous thread and have a good relationship with their wheel or e-spinner.

Material Fee: $25


Student Supplies: Spinning wheel in good working condition. Bobbins, kate.

Homework: None