Working with Antique and Vintage Knitting Patterns

Franklin Habit

Friday PM

Don’t let the tiny type and archaic language fool you: there’s a goldmine of beautiful, functional designs waiting to be rediscovered within the pages of Victorian and Edwardian books and magazines. In this session, we’ll discuss the history of patterns; the selection of appropriate yarns and needles; colors and fibers; methods for deciphering and troubleshooting arcane recipes; and “reverse engineering” from extant pieces. You don’t need to be a historian or re-enactor to enjoy this class–just a knitter with a curious mind.

Skill Level: Participants should be familiar with the basics of knitting (casting, binding off, knitting, purling, yarn over, decreasing).

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies: 1 ball smooth worsted or sport weight yarn (i.e., Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted, WEBS Valley Northampton, Hikoo Simpliworsted, or anything along those lines) in white or a light solid or semi-solid color; 1 pair straight needles or 1 circular needle, size 4–4.5 mm; notebook and pen or pencil for making notes (important!).

Homework: None