Yarnitecture : Building Exactly the Yarn You Want

Jillian Moreno

Thursday All Day

Is the yarn in your head the yarn in your hand? Do you always spin the same yarn? Do you have a dream yarn you just can't make happen? Are you unhappy with what happens to the colors when you spin a variegated top or roving?
Do you love your handspun yarn, but don't like how it looks knitted?
In this class, we’ll focus on making yarn that inspires you from commercially dyed roving and top -- yarn you’ll love to knit with.
Together we’ll build your yarn from fiber braid up to a knitted swatch. We’ll start by talking about the blueprint for a yarn, the yarn vision. We'll break yarn down into all of its parts.
We'll build your yarn's foundations by exploring fiber breeds and preparations. The walls – they're the different drafting and plying methods we'll work with. Finally, the roof goes on as we manipulate variegated top and roving to get the colors you’ve chosen just the way you want them.
All along the way you’ll get tips to keeping your yarn’s end use or yarn vision in mind and your yarn consistent. This class will give you confidence to build the yarns you want to knit with!

Skill Level: Students should be able to spin a continuous yarn, and feel comfortable making a 2-ply yarn.

Material fee: $35

Moreno Yarnitecture

Student Supplies: A wheel in good working order, at least three bobbins, a lazy kate, a niddy noddy, tags to mark samples and pen and paper to take notes.

Homework: None