Adventures in Drum Carding

Hanry and Roy Clemes

Saturday All Day

This is the companion class to Exploring the Drum Carder. In this class, we continue to de-mystify the drum carder. Batts will be prepared both semi-worsted and woolen. Students will learn different techniques to create an art batt, prepare batts for spinning sock yarn, and learn to add silk or bamboo into woolen batts. Students will also learn to remove fiber as rolags and as pencil-sized sliver through a diz. An ambitious goal of 5 batts produced during class means students will have ample carded fiber for spinning samples and small projects after class. All carding and blending will be done on our Elite Series Drum Carders with each student using their own electric carder. All materials, carders, and tools will be provided by the instructors.

Skill level:

Some drum carding experience is preferred; having taken our Exploring the Drum Carder class is recommended.

Material Fee:

$50 covers all fiber carded in class and use of electric drum carders


Student Supplies: None

Homework: None