Public Health Policy

Welcome to the Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat! As we gather to celebrate our passion for fiber arts, the health and well-being of our community is our top priority. We are committed to providing a safe environment for all participants.  Our public health policy is designed to address a range of health concerns, not limited to COVID-19, ensuring everyone can enjoy the retreat with peace of mind.

General Health and Safety Measures:

Wellness Checks: We encourage all attendees to self-monitor their health. If you feel unwell or show symptoms of any contagious illness, please prioritize your health and the safety of others by staying home.

Sanitization Stations: Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the venue. We encourage regular hand hygiene to reduce the spread of germs.

Face Masks: Complimentary face masks will be available at the Registration Desk.  While not mandatory, if you have forgotten yours, we have you covered.

Considerate Community Practices:

Respect Personal Space: We promote a culture of respect and kindness, encouraging attendees to be mindful of personal space and comfort levels regarding physical contact.

Face Coverings: While not mandatory, attendees are welcome to wear face masks if they feel more comfortable doing so.

Vaccinations: We recommend that all attendees stay up to date with their vaccinations, including the flu and COVID-19 vaccines, for their own safety and the well-being of the community.

Staying Informed:

We will continue to monitor public health guidelines and adjust our policies as necessary to ensure the safety of all attendees.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work together to create a safe and enjoyable retreat for everyone. Let’s celebrate our shared love for fiber arts in a way that prioritizes health and respects individual needs.

Refer to for current information.