Who we are...


Rebecca Edwards

As a child, my parents’ store in Quito, Ecuador had weavers on staff who demonstrated tapestry making to visitors. I loved watching them work, figuring out how the complex patterns were made and climbing all over the large floor loom when it wasn’t in use. Crafts were my very favorite thing to do – I loved learning how things were made and giving it a try myself – and in my world handmade things were always the best things. As an adult, I continue to try making everything! I’ve had the opportunity to mold glass, throw clay, weave baskets, create soap, carve wood, knot lace, fold paper and more. Textiles, though, are always the media to which I return, particularly wool. With wool, I knit, crochet, weave, and sew, allowing me to experience the meditative effects of hand work while making beautiful things.


John Mullarkey

Internationally-recognized instructor John Mullarkey has been teaching tablet weaving for a decade. His work has been displayed in the Missouri History Museum, and garments using his card woven bands have been featured in international fashion shows. He currently manages two smaller events and is looking forward to working with the teachers and participants of the Red Alder Fiber Arts Retreat.