Backstrap Rigid Heddle Band Weaving

Backstrap Rigid Heddle Band Weaving

Jennifer Williams

Sunday PM

Traditional in many Scandinavian countries, the humble rigid heddle is used to weave beautiful inkle style bands. No complex tools or machines are needed to weave lovely warp faced bands. A cord around your waist, a warped rigid heddle, and you are ready to weave. Weaving on a backstrap rigid heddle is a tranquil experience as you are quite literally one with the loom. This workshop will teach you how to warp a rigid heddle and then to weave plain weave warp faced bands.

Skill Level:
No previous weaving experience needed.

Material fee:
$35 All class material including rigid heddle, yarn, class handouts, belt shuttle.

rigid heddle

Student Supplies:
Notetaking supplies

Homework: None