Basic Core Spinning

Charan Sachar

Thursday AM

What core to use? Should I pre-twist my core? My core-spun yarn always has extra twist, how do I fix that? What fiber prep can I use for corespinning?

If you haven’t tried core-spinning because of these questions (or more), this would a perfect starting place where the basics of corespinning will be covered.

Corespinning is a great basic skillset to have for making simple and complex art yarns

Skill Level:
Familiar with your wheel, can spin a continuous thread and make a plied yarn

Material fee:

$35 for Fiber Batt, Core yarn, Ply thread

Basic corespinning (2)

Student Supplies:

• Wheel with a large orfice (1/2” or more) to accommodate textured yarns

• At least 2 bobbins

• Lazy kate

• Pen, Paper to take notes

• Niddy noddy and any additional spinning tools you prefer.

• Fiber will be provided, but students are also encouraged to bring any additional fiber prep (top, batts, rolags) they are curious to corespin

If bringing an e-spinner, make sure you have a full battery and a stand at the height you like.  The venue is not responsible for providing electricity or stands.

Homework: None