Color Theory: The Color Wheel

Color Theory: The Color Wheel

Roy and Henry Clemes

Friday All Day

We all learned in third grade art class that blue & yellow make green, but what if you were to go a step beyond this basic concept and explore the entire rainbow? This is color play for fiber artists! In this class, students will learn the theory behind how colors mix and use this knowledge to make their own fiber color wheel, as well as card a gradient batt of complementary colors. This class takes the theory of color blending and applies it to drum carding as never before. All carding and blending will be done on our Elite Series Drum Carders with each student using their own electric carder. All materials, carders, and tools will be provided by the instructors.

Skill Level:
Having taken Exploring the Drum Carder or ample drum carding experience

Material fee: $45 All fiber carded in class and use of electric drum carders.

color wheel

Student Supplies: None

Homework: None