Darn Pretty

Sivia Harding

Sunday AM

Have you ever thought of darning as art? Beautify your mending while extending the usefulness of socks and other garments. Prepare to be inspired as we learn to incorporate colors, weaving patterns, and more to create an intimate objet d’art. We start with simple darning to learn the steps, then venture into stripes, plaids, and twills.

Skill Level: Any

Material fee: $5 for full color handout

Darning Basket.sm

Student Supplies: Odds and ends of leftover yarns of various weights and/or embroidery or sashiko threads, including some lace weight mohair/silk if you have any available.
Socks or other garments (including T-shirts and woven fabric ones) that have holes to darn, OR a stockinette stitch swatch that you don't mind snipping into 🙂
If you will be mending socks, bring a darning egg or mushroom, round light bulb, or even a small apple or orange will do in a pinch
If you will be mending fabric, bring an embroidery hoop and consider bringing scraps of fabric as backing
(Neither of the above are necessary if you will be practicing on a flat knitted swatch)
Tapestry needle for heavier yarns
Sashiko or #20 Chenille needle for finer yarns and threads

Homework: If you have no actual items to mend, knit and block a 6" x 6" stockinette stitch swatch to practice on.