Easy Does It: Unlocking the Mysteries of Ease and Sweater Construction

Patty Lyons

Friday PM

Have you every knit a sweater and it didn’t fit? We’ve all heard so much about ease, but what do we do with this information? In this sweater tour, Patty will walk you through a variety of sweater constructions (set in sleeve, raglan, yoke, drop shoulder, modified drop shoulder and dolman) and discuss how each sweater works with bust, armhole and shoulder. The armhole fit can be the most confusing when looking at sweaters other than the set-in sleeve. Learn what is a high chest measurement and when do we use it and most importantly learn how to make your own decisions about fit when you read things like “meant to be worn with 2 - 4” of ease”. If time and space allow, we will pair up so students can create their own custom measurement sheet. Easy does it, it’s not as hard as it sounds.

Skill level: All

Material Fee: $0


Student Supplies:
OPTIONAL: Bring a pattern you’d like to discuss, (to take measurements) Bring two straight needles or two rulers (these are used as a measurement tool), and a tape measure.

Homework:  None