Finishing your tapestry: techniques to finish and mount your tapestries

Rebecca Mezoff

Saturday PM

Do your tapestry projects pile up after you take them off the loom because you’re not sure how to finish or display them? In this class we will look at examples of unfinished tapestries and Rebecca will demonstrate some of the finishing techniques that could be used to display them effectively. You’ll get ideas for mounting small tapestries or hanging large ones. She’ll show you how to do some interesting edge finishes and will suggest materials you might use when you start weaving a piece that will allow you to create a nicely finished edge.

Skill Level: No experience necessary but this class is best for tapestry weavers who want help with finishing techniques. It is assumed that you have woven at least a few tapestries.

Material fee: $0

Braided Edge 2 LoveFromColorado

Student Supplies: We will not do any weaving in this class so you don’t need weaving supplies. Please bring a notebook for notes. If you have unfinished tapestries you’d like to look at with the class, please bring them. The more examples we have to talk about, the more we’ll all learn.

Homework: None