Fixing Mistakes in Brioche Knitting

Xandy Peters

Saturday PM

If you enjoy knitting brioche stitch but still feel lost if a mistake occurs, this class will get you back on track. Brioche mistakes, like the stitch itself, are unique from other knitting mistakes and often require a special set of skills. In this class, we will look at theĀ  structure of brioche fabric and learn when and how to rip back multiple rows, fix laddered stitches, and even correct a missed increase or decrease. We will also learn how to spot mismatched, dropped or twisted tuck stitches.

Each student will cast on and begin a swatch of simple brioche stitch before class and are encouraged to follow along with demos of each fix. They will also have an opportunity to bring in their own brioche projects for help and advice.

Skill Level:
This class is best suited for students with a good understanding of basic 2-color brioche stitch who are ready to build their knowledge of brioche knitting.

Material fee: $0


Student Supplies:
swatch on the needles (homework), 2 extra colors of yarn in worsted weight, extra set of #7 needles (or an appropriate size for your yarn), stitch holder, cotton crochet thread or thin string for a lifeline, tapestry needle, locking stitch markers, crochet hook


Please do the homework outlined in BriocheMistakesHomework.