Home Alone with a Fleece

Home Alone with a Fleece

Judith MacKenzie

Saturday PM

For those of us that spin, the rule is to never buy a fleece unless you know what you want to spin. But the truth is fleeces are simply irresistible and follow us home. In this class, we’ll learn what to do when you get home with a fleece or maybe three. You’ll learn how to identify what a fleece’s potential is and how it should be sorted, washed and stored. We’ll deal with protecting your fleece from damage by insects, mice and exposure to air. We’ll also look at making a fleece project notebook that helps you keep track of how your fleece was used and where it came from.

Skill level: Must be able to spin a continuous thread and have a good relationship with their wheel or e-spinner

Material Fee: $5 fiber supplied


Student Supplies: Spindle or Spinning wheel in good working condition. Bobbins, kate.

Homework: None