Inkle Band Weaving Basics

Jennifer Williams

Thursday All Day

The inkle loom is a small loom with much impact. One can produce simple or elaborate narrow bands that have an infinite number of uses.
In this beginner inkle weaving workshop students will learn:
• how to warp an inkle loom
• weave an inkle band with attention to smooth selvedges
• how to read inkle pattern drafts
• many tips and tricks.
Whether you are a beginner or need a refresher class, this workshop is for you. Each student will weave on their own open sided inkle loom. Discover the joys of weaving a project on this portable little loom.

Skill Level:
Beginner - no previous weaving experience necessary

Material fee:
$15 Class handouts and Inkle band weaving tool kit.


Student Supplies:
Inkle loom and belt shuttle

Homework: None