Inkle Loom Weaving

Marilyn Romatka

Sunday All Day

Making woven cloth of you own  is something many knitters have been curious about… however some are intimidated by a 48 -inch wide warp, and very few of them have space in their home for a floor loom!  But imagine having a unique strap-handle for that knit project bag you are planning. Here is the perfect way to dip your toe into weaving! Students can use the loom on loan in this class for a commitment-free first experience. We will weave a 1– inch wide warp (and that can’t intimidate anyone!) Bands that are woven on the inkle loom are used for one-of-a-kind dog leashes, clothing trim, backpack bands, lanyards, camera straps, belts, hatbands… bands have 1001 uses!

Skill Level: Beginner weaver

Material fee: $18 kit includes; Use of a wooden tabletop Inkle loom, use of wooden shuttle, all warps and wefts, handout.

Inkle loom-1

Student Supplies: sewing snips

Homework: None