Longwool Love

Kate Larson

Saturday AM

Longwool sheep breeds produce lustrous locks that range from the ancient, bold curls of the Lincoln to the more modern, fine, corkscrew locks of the Bluefaced Leicester. We can prepare and spin these fibers in different ways to create yarns that are smooth and lustrous or wrapped in airy halos, and we can also incorporate undisturbed curls that look like the fleece itself. Kate, a longwool shepherd, will discuss the history of these breeds, the types of fleece characteristics to look for, and common fleece problems to avoid. Delve into longwools with a range of fleece samples to try, as well as dyed locks, carded rovings, and combed tops.

Skill Level: Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn.

Material fee: $20 Washed locks, dyed locks, prepared fibers, handouts, and recordkeeping materials.


Student Supplies: Several spindles or a spinning wheel in good working condition, several bobbins, a lazy kate, and handcards. (Spindlers: bring a lazy kate or gear for your preferred plying method.)

Homework: None