Mechanics of Your Wheel

Amy Tyler

Thursday All Day

Spinning wheels are marvelous machines! In this workshop, we will cover how spinning wheels work. There will be spinning exercises to remove the mystery from drive mechanisms, drive ratios, drafting, twist, take-up tension, and wheel maintenance. Along the way, participants will be introduced to concepts of mechanics (such as force, torque, angular momentum, friction) in a non-mathematical way.

Skill Level:

Advanced beginning to intermediate spinning; able to spin singles that don’t fall apart, and some experience with plying.

Material fee:

$20, includes samples for examination, fibers for spinning, notebook with handouts, sundry supplies.


Student Supplies:

A spinning wheel in good working order, 3 bobbins, lazy kate

Please note: This is focused towards spinning wheels.  E-spinner mechanics will not be discussed.

Homework: None