Spinning Luxury Blends

Spinning Luxury Blends

Kate Larson

Saturday AM

Cashmere, camel, silk, and yak—the range of prepared luxury fibers we modern spinners have at our fingertips would astound our textile predecessors. Today, we often find these fibers in blends—Merino and cashmere, silk and yak, the enticing list goes on and on. These blends often combine fibers with very different characteristics. How we spin silk is typically different from how we might spin yak—how should we spin a blend of the two? This workshop will introduce you to a variety of luxury blends and methods to spin these special fibers to get the yarns you want.

Skill Level:
Ability to spin and ply a basic yarn

Material fee:
$20: variety of prepared luxury fibers, handouts, and recordkeeping materials

Larson Luxury Blends

Student Supplies:
Several spindles or a spinning wheel in good working condition, and spinning accessories you typically use.

Homework: None